The Integra Windows client uses Soap & SQL OLE to access data in a MS SQL Server database on the server. In future it may also use AJAX. It also uses HTML for some tabs.

The Integra Server uses XML transactions routed via BizTalk to send and receive data to other external systems unless a specific connection dll has been defined for a connection (eg Domino.Doc document repository). It also uses ASP.Net to display web pages to users, although the data it retrieves from the database is retrieved as XML.

BizTalk is also used to monitor directories and ports for inbound data to activate workflow processes


  • MS Server 2003
  • BizTalk (2004)
  • MS Sql Server 2000 Sp4
  • Sharepoint Team Services
  • .Net FrameWork 1.1
  • Soap/ XML/ XSLT
  • Web Services
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Exchange/Outlook


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We had two guiding rules when we chose the platform to build Integra; firstly it had to be built around standardised technologies used to connect systems of all ages worldwide, secondly it had to be built using software that was widely understood and cheap to support. Out first rule meant XML even before we factored in the need for web service connections and document rendering, our second rule meant a Microsoft platform.

We wanted schemes to be able to hire people straight out of university and know that their pensions administration system could be supported. We wanted them to look at the Integra architecture and see that they already have many of the servers and licences that Integra uses in place.



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