For Pensions Officers

  • Members documentation / case correspondence on one screen
  • Procedures screen with checkboxes says what steps to follow for this case
  • Context sensitive case notes
  • Latest authorised letter templates automatically available
  • Realtime quotes & calculations saved automatically as case docs

For Members

  • Can fill in forms, get quotes, change personal details
  • Can make top-up payments (eg AVCs) on-line
  • Can view their documents and fund/portfolio value on-line
  • Can view scheme documentation on-line

For Managers

  • Seperate management web interface
  • Can view team performance & work queues
  • Automatic notification of most urgent cases
  • Many configurable management reports
  • Configurable workflow processes
  • Correspondence template version control
  • Detailed timestamped audit trail

For FSAs

  • Scheme information available on-line
  • Web Services allow integration with broker's systems
  • Portfolio / fund values available on-line
  • Member's correspondence available
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