Financial Improvements

Many companies will find that the Integra system helps them save money, reducing admin costs (hopefully to within the government's 1% figure) and it will do this in several ways.

  1. Prioritising work and automatically setting deadlines to ensure cases are processed by finance cutoffs.
  2. Ensuring payments are made by the method cheapest to the scheme
  3. The transaction server with a direct link to the finance system helps to prevent mis-postings, losses and duplications
  4. Minimising mis-calculations through better proceedures and template version control
  5. Faster case processing

Quicker Case Turn Around Times

Integra's workflow engine and work queue monitor ensures that high priority work is identified and automatically assigned to the most efficient route. Its management interface helps identify roadblocks. The centralisation of Integra's process sensitive proceedures and correspondence templates means that Pension's Officers can more quickly process a case by following the key steps and using standardised letters rather than writing their own from scratch. Plus Integra's realtime calcs engine means quicker quotes. Giving members interactive access via the web also means that forms and other feedback can be received instantaneously rather than waiting for the postroom.

Improved Calculation Accuracy & Legal Compliance

When procedures are distributed via word of mouth and scaps of paper, and when calculation updates have to be sporadically installed on every user's machine, its easy to get out of date. Integra's desktop client displays the correct steps to be followed at each stage of each process (it allows staff to highlight discrepancies and suggest updates too) according to centralised version controlled workflow templates and offers context sensitive letters (also version controlled) for the member to write too. Embedded Excel spreadsheets and the calculation engine are centrally controlled with assigned versions too, ensuring all users automatically have the latest version.

Standardised Correspondence & Document Storage

Writing letters, waiting for members to return forms, and searching for lost files are some of the biggest holdups when handling cases. Integra slashes waiting times in all these areas. As well as using centralised templates for all outbound correspondence, Integra automatically adds a barcode to all documents it sends out. When the document is sent back and scanned, Integra automatically stores it in the correct location in the document management database. However Integra also allows members to fill-in forms on-line and digitally sign them allowing the bypassing of the postroom all-together. Members can print out their own documentation of submitted forms directly from the website (complete with automatic barcode).

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