Integra is a workflow system designed to support the pensions administration department (or team) in companies of any size. It was designed by people working within Pensions at a major high street bank and is intended to specifically tackle the issues of:

  • General Correspondence & Document Scanning
  • Standard / Process based letter templates With automated bar codes
  • In application viewing of externally held core member data
  • Integrated links to external finance systems including payroll cut-off
  • Case based business processes & configurable workflow
  • SLA implementation, case escalation, prioritisation & RAG stats
  • Automated calcs with seperate upgradable calcs engine
  • Secure member access via web
  • Seperate management web userinterface for processes, and reports
  • B2B access & web services for brokers & FSA

Integra is essentially made up of three components:
The Integra Server, the Integra Windows Client & the Integra Web Application.
To find out a little more about each one please click on the images below

Integra Client
Integra Server
Integra Web


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